July Birth Flowers: What You Need to Know


Forget the dog days of summer and embrace the beauty that the season brings. Known as one of the hottest months of the year, July brings the heat beyond the outside temperature and through the flowers that represent it.

If you or someone you know was born in July, you probably know July’s astrology signs, Cancer and Leo. You may know that July’s birthstone is a ruby, a birthstone associated with contentment, love, passion and integrity, or that the month houses Independence Day. Regardless, there are facts about July that even those born in it may not know.

Did you know that July is Lasagna Awareness Month or National Ice Cream Month?

While all the fun facts may be ideal to know for those July birth babies, it is only appropriate that we share what we feel to be one of the most important July fact- the July birth flowers.

What are the July Birth Flowers?

The strong bond of love comes in many forms. Some forms even come from nature. July has its own unique features that differentiate it from other months. One of its most beautiful includes its birth flowers: the larkspur and the water lily.

Many people crave insight into who they are and a better understanding of themselves. Much of this information can be discovered through association with the time a person is born. Many people believe that their personality traits can be extracted through their zodiac sign. It is even believed that your zodiac sign can help you with what is ideal when decorating your home.

Beyond looking to the sun and comparing it with your date of birth, a person can find out a lot about themselves by reading through the language of their birth flowers and don’t worry. If you aren’t fluent in floral, we have done all the translating for you.

The Language of the Larkspur

Carefree summer days and lighthearted July nights are all symbolic of the fun flare provided by the larkspur, one of July’s birth flowers. Highly desirable with spikes of colorful petals, this July birth flower beautifully represents summer and the month as a whole.

Commonly mistaken as the delphinium flower, larkspurs are annuals with delicate flower petals found in white, pink and lavender. History reveals to us that the larkspur was used to create blue dye by Native Americans and European settlers. This flashy bloom was even used to ward off scorpions and venomous snakes. It’s a power flower, if you will.

The language of the larkspur flower is seen as a symbol of the strong bonds of love, optimism and an open heart. Its language can be interpreted by the color it wears and the emotion behind the gesture when it is given. One thing for certain is that the language of the larkspur speaks for and is proudly represented as a July birth flower.

More from the Water Lily

The larkspur isn’t left to represent July on its own. Although taking a backseat to the July birth flower larkspur, the water lily, or lotus, is considered a July birth flower counterpart.

Aquatic from the start- this beautiful bloom grows naturally next to lily pads. They are true partners in nature. You may not be able to find this July birth flower in a bouquet, but they can be gifted to someone to watch grow in their backyard.

Know that when you gift this beautiful bloom, you are gifting a representation of a pure, open heart. Some say this matches the way the water lily blossoms on a lily pad. Its meaning and look are beautifully paired to be given as a gift in July. Water lilies are even considered sacred in both Buddhist and Hindu religions.

How to Care for the July Birth Flower

In order to see things grow and flourish in life, you need to care for them properly. You get out of it what you invest into it.

There is good news! If you find yourself or someone you know finds themselves caring for a larkspur flower bouquet, you are in for a treat. They are very low maintenance. Just keep them in ample, clean water and away from hot environments.

There are a couple of downsides though. Their lifespan ranges from four days to a little over a week, and you must keep them out of the reach of pets and kids, as they are toxic. Handle with care.

With all that in mind, a larkspur flower arrangement is an ideal gift for an adult celebrating their birthday in July. A July baby receiving a July birth flower is both ideal and extremely meaningful. Your local florists will be able to talk you through the proper care and handling to best suit the flower arrangement you choose.

How to Get July Birth Flowers Delivered to You or for You

One thing that makes birth flowers different than every other characteristic of a person’s birth month is that it can be changed and personalized in multiple ways. This can be done and manipulated to best represent the birthday guy or gal.

In order to do this, it is important that you talk with your local florists about the characteristics of the recipient that you are looking to gift to. What is it that you would like the gift to highlight? It could be their favorite color, their favorite florals or a specific emotion you are looking to express.

Your local florist will able to talk you through what is available and what florals can be paired for the best design. Nothing is quite as frustrating as not knowing what to get someone for their birthday. Our florists at Joyce Florist of Dallas, Inc. serving Dallas, TX are here to help you and help bridge the gap when it comes to birthday flower delivery.

Our team prides itself in taking part in such a big day in a person’s life. Every birthday deserves to be celebrated, and every birth flower deserves to be acknowledged. The July birth flowers- the larkspur and the water lily- are no exception.

To all the July birthday babies out there, we hope this new year in your life is beautiful and prosperous.

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