Prom Styles for Men 2020


Menswear has suffered from boredom long enough. The 2020 trends for men’s suits and formal attire are ushering in some interest and pizazz, which can be perfect for prom. If you are wondering what a guy should wear to prom in 2020, our list of trends will cast out the janky in favor of menswear that is swanky.

Practical Tips to Coincide with the Trends

Most proms are either black tie or black tie optional. What does this mean? Black tie is an evening, semi-formal style, often synonymous with tuxedos. Black tie optional means that a tuxedo/dinner jacket is requested, but suits are also acceptable.

If you need a tuxedo for a black-tie prom, we recommend renting. Tuxedos can be quite expensive, and you may still be growing. You can purchase your own tie and shirt to add quality and personalize your ensemble.

However, if prom is black-tie optional, it might be more cost-effective and beneficial to buy a suit. A suit can be reused later for job interviews, work, weddings and formal events. Keep in mind that a suit made from your exact measurements will likely take a few weeks, at least, to complete.

The Trends

Like any other fashion trend, prom attire for men is influenced by street style, prominent fashion designers, the runway and celebrities on the red carpet. Once you know what kind of prom you will be attending and whether you will need a tuxedo or suit, you can delve into what the options are for men’s prom trends in 2020.

Creative Colors and Prints

The world is a colorful place, so why not embrace color? An interesting color suit that is comprised of only one shade will let you stand out and still look elegant. You don’t have to be mysterious to rock this look, either.

Instead of classic grey and navy, why not go dashing and earthy with brown? It is a natural color that looks good on all skin tones. Another option for those who want to be different is dark green. It will stand out without shouting. Of course, if you want to attract attention, there is a whole color spectrum waiting to be discovered.

Don’t be afraid to take a walk on the wild side with unexpected prints. Patchwork prints with different styles and contrasting colors can make you pop. You can also just do a print on your outfit’s upper half with a more traditional pant to go less wild and more mild.

If you shy away from bright colors, prints like pinstripe, plaid, tartan or gingham can give you another option for unique style.

Double Breasted

Double-breasted suits should not be abandoned simply because of some style fails. Double-breasted suit styles have evolved to now offer more relaxed tailoring with softer and lighter fabrics. Modern, double-breasted suits fit close to the body yet still allow movement.


What a waste not to accentuate a waist. Styles of every decade inevitably come back around, and the high waisted pants of the past are back. A flattering look that plays with proportion, consider pants that sit high on or even above the waist for prom.

The Bigger the Better

Suits are now getting bigger and more relaxed. No skinny pants at this year’s dance. You want to be able to move and groove, and a skinny pant cut won’t cut it. When it comes to relaxed suits, you can either be subtle or go all out with an oversized suit.

Regardless of how far you take this trend, relaxed suits suit more body types than skinny, tight pants ever will. Remember, the look you want is full and flattering without looking frumpy. Even relaxed suits should accentuate a silhouette. If you worry about pulling off the look, you can always get a tailor to advise.

New Traditions

Don’t let your date determine your design. It is fine for your date to offer their opinion on what you are wearing, but they shouldn't be demanding anything. It is your prom too.

Instead of matching colors with your date’s dress, consider matching with your boutonniere flower on your lapel. Boutonnieres have expanded beyond the traditional rose to include succulents, greenery and even berries. The options are practically endless.

For guys who want to make a bold statement and have flair in their facial hair, decorate your beard with blooms. Confidence is a must if you want to pull it off, but you will be in plenty of prom pics if you wear flowers in your facial hair.

If you would like some assistance adding that small yet powerful punch that the right floral accessory can provide, our florists at Joyce Florist of Dallas, Inc. in Dallas, TX, would be happy to discuss how to best compliment your prom attire.


When it comes to accessories for prom, wait until you know whether you are wearing a suit or a tuxedo. This will influence whether you want a bow tie or necktie. A tux often calls for a bow tie, and a suit can embrace either look. A bow tie makes the suit more formal, and a necktie gives it a more casual look. You can also choose a statement necktie or bowtie to give your look more of an edge.

With other accessories like shirt studs and cufflinks, make sure they match or complement each other. Avoid mixing silver and gold accessories. Another way to add pizazz would be to add a pair of retro suspenders or braces to your prom ensemble.

These are just a few examples of some of the trends changing the shape of men’s formal wear in 2020. These styles can be adapted and worn with subtle variations, or you can go as striking as you like. If you don’t want all eyes on you, it is perfectly acceptable to wear something classic for prom.

With so many styles and accessories to choose from, prom styles for guys in 2020 consist of more variety and comfort than ever before. Above all else, be comfortable in whatever you decide to wear, so you can focus on what matters – the moment.

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