Traditional Anniversary Gifts by Year

Many of the traditions that shaped the lives of the generations before ours are slowly fading away, being replaced by new ones.

However, there is something romantic and extremely charming about a traditional anniversary, celebrated with anniversary gifts that have helped thousands of couples across history, mark and cherish their milestones together. If you are looking for a traditional anniversary gift in line with the tradition, start from the ones listed below.


Traditional 1st to 10th Anniversary Gifts

The first ten years together are those during which you build a life, a house, a career, and very often, a family. With all this - and more - going on, there is no wonder why you should celebrate each year together in the best way!

While coupling up the gifts below with something unique to your spouse can make the anniversary even more magical, sticking to the tradition says a lot about your stability and love for each other. Start with these ideas.

1st Year Anniversary Gift - Paper

While a clock is slowly replacing it, the paper has always been the traditional gift for couples celebrating their first anniversary. You can gift it in the form of a love letter, book, stationery, or - if it fits your budget - an announcement in the local newspaper. If you are celebrating another couple’s milestone, you might opt for stationery with the couple’s initials.

2nd Year Anniversary Gift - Cotton

Following the tradition, you should gift your spouse cotton during your second year’s anniversary celebrations. This gift can come in the form of a t-shirt, hoodie, pajamas, socks, bathrobe, or a handmade quilt.

3rd Year Anniversary Gift - Leather

While being replaced by crystal or glass, traditionally, you would exchange leather during the third anniversary. You can gift leather as a bracelet or a blank journal. For more high-end presents, a leather jacket or leather shoes will do the trick. Just make sure to opt for synthetic leather if your spouse follows a plant-based lifestyle.

4th Year Anniversary Gift - Flowers

The fourth-year anniversary is the perfect occasion to bring the tradition back to life and opt for anniversary flowers. An anniversary bouquet should be composed of flowers that communicate love, affection, loyalty, stability, and pureness. Ideas include gifting a bouquet of white and red roses or recreating the bridal bouquet. Coupling up the anniversary bouquet with chocolate-dipped strawberry makes it the ideal present. Let Joyce Florist of Dallas create a stunning flower bouquet or arrangement for you in Dallas, TX. We also create awesome sweet treats and fruit baskets that are the perfect pairing to any floral design!

5th Year Anniversary Gift - Wood

During the fifth anniversary, the tradition wants you to gift wood. While wrapping a log might not offer the effects you had been hoping for, taking a walk in the woods or in nature with your loved one can be an amazing experience. Don’t forget to take a picture!

6th Year Anniversary Gift - Gift Baskets

The tradition tells us that on the 6th anniversary, we should exchange iron - or candies. Naturally, most couples would prefer the second option and, what’s better than arranging them in a well-thought gift basket? Make sure to include all of your other half’s favorite treats!

7th Year Anniversary Gift - Wool or Copper

If your anniversary falls in Autumn, the perfect gift is a woolen sweater! If your spouse loves knitting, a basket filled with high-quality yarns will do the trick too. Alternatively, for a higher-end gift, something made of high-quality cashmere can definitely add that wow-factor!

8th Year Anniversary Gift - Pottery

This is not a gift destined only to those couples who have already found their green thumb! You can gift a vase plant or flower, or even clay roasting dishes if your other half likes cooking. Options are endless!

9th Year Anniversary Gift - Wicker

If you don’t know how to turn wicker into an anniversary-worth gift, let your imagination free! You might either plan a picnic or use the basket as a container for all the things your other half loves the most!

10th Year Anniversary Gift - Tin or Aluminum

A metal lunch box or even a home-made cake covered in foil will help you stick to the tradition. Alternatively, you might opt for a vintage box to hold jewelry or other items.

Traditional 25th Anniversary Gifts - Silver

All anniversaries are important, but your 25th and 50th are a little more important. This is because of the milestones and goals you have accomplished during so many years together. And, there is no other, more exclusive way to celebrate such anniversaries if not with silver or golden tokens.

The tradition wants you to exchange silver on your 25th anniversary - which can come in the form of jewelry or a pen. If you wish to make it a little more exclusive, you can always add luxurious details such as a small diamond or gold.

Traditional 50th Anniversary Gifts - Gold

A golden watch or jewelry is the best way to mark your 50th anniversary together. Make your gift extra romantic by coupling it with a bouquet of golden roses, daffodils, tulips, or sunflowers.

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